The purest bromine supplement
1000 ml


Natural seawater consists of thousands of chemical compounds and almost all elements present on the globe. This unique blend provides coral reef inhabitants with perfect conditions for development. Among the many micronutrients present in water is, among others bromine.

Bromine stimulates marine organisms to produce substances protecting them from predators. In closed systems of marine aquariums, bromine is regularly consumed by the reef inhabitants. As it is with most micronutrients, its deficiencies lead to the deterioration of the health of the aquarium inhabitants, so regular water testing and supplementation, if required by the tank, is recommended.

· Helps to maintain the proper concentration of bromine

· Created in a highly advanced laboratory

· Has a positive effect on the development of corals

· Easy to use and very efficient

· Stimulates the production of important enzymes


10 ml of the product increases the bromine level by 10 mg/l (ppm) in 100 litres (27 US gal) of water. The recommended level of bromine in aquarium water is 55.00 – 74.00 mg/l (ppm). Dosage should be based on microelements consumption. Please remember, that maximum safe daily dose is 10 ml per 100 litres of water. If you need a higher dose, split it into a few days. Note, that each aquarium is different and final dosage depends on the coral cast and individual aquarium needs. Both, deficiency and excess micronutrients will affect aquarium inhabitants, therefore dosage should be selected and modified on the basis of regular Aquaforest Lab water tests.

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